I’m often asked “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a 3D Animator,” I always reply, and without fail, their eyes become as big as saucers. What follows is a barrage of questions about what specific type of 3D work I do and how did I get to have the coolest job in the world.

But, it was an animator’s job that I had always dreamed of. In college, I took a second job working the graveyard shift at an all night diner to buy my first computer. I remember being so excited with my first 3D package and modeling anything I could get my hands on. Going to school on a “teach yourself” tract was perfectly suited for how I learned new things best. Sitting in a small, dimly lit room with five other guys attempting to learn the same thing I was; offering each other tips on the best bump mapping techniques or the benefits of ray-tracing (the newest buzzword of 3D Studio Max 2.5 in 1997).

Since then, I’ve created over 100 demonstrative animations for the New Orleans court system. Each one completely unique in tone and content. Courtroom animations is my bag. Nearly each month, I’d have a new case. Something important happened and everyone wants to sue everyone else because “it’s not their fault”. Someone has to educate the jury, and that’s where I come in. Give me some facts about your case, and I can turn it into 60 seconds of illustrative, educational magic. Anything from a simple car accident to a major, city-wide flood.

The most personally rewarding part for me is the learning. Each case brings another opportunity to learn something that’s completely new to me. Everything from the dirty details in the construction industry to the hows and whys of crop irrigation through old injection well sites, and everything in between.

In the links above you can find examples of previous work, both 3D and web. I’m always looking for an opportunity to “wow” new clients, so drop me a line and we can discuss how an animation can bring your ideas and stories to an eager audience. Who knows, you might even learn something new.